We pride ourselves on the uniquely intimate experience that our stores offer. When you swing open the doors to our cheerful, pink stores, you are greeted with warm, southern hospitality and the sense that you are walking directly into Elaine’s home. In fact, every store interior has been inspired by the founder’s personal design aesthetic, including the glass chandeliers and cowhides, which can be found in Elaine’s own living room. Our stores are intended to be a gathering place where women can come together in a genuinely intimate environment to connect with each other on a more personal level. So, come by, kick back, and relax on the signature pink sofas with a glass of champagne!

Elaine Turner was established in Elaine and Jim Turner’s Houston home in the year 2000. Nine months pregnant, Elaine walked into Tootsies, a local specialty store, and sold her first handbag collection, which was manufactured in a small Brooklyn factory. Shortly thereafter, inspired by her Mediterranean travels and her current interior design project, Elaine crafted the “Jackie” bag, which was then picked up by Neiman Marcus. It was through these partnerships that the Elaine Turner lifestyle brand came to life.  Seventeen years later Elaine Turner continues to grow.  With the launch of the much-anticipated apparel collection in 2015 and a total of 7 retail locations across the United States, Elaine Turner is excited to see what the future holds.