Best described as young and fun, Sofie Grey caters to the young woman who is no longer a child or a tween but is also not quite ready to shop in the women’s department or borrow her mom’s jeans. The new Plaza at Preston Center boutique is brimming with the casual and the dressy, the trendy and the classic – and every piece reflects the young and fun vibe Sofie Grey is known for.


The name was inspired by Sofie, a fashion-loving young woman boutique owners have dressed since she was a teeny tiny four-year-old. “When we go to market, we always take young women in the 25 and under range with us so we gain a good understanding of exactly what they like and want,” boutique owners explained. “Even our youngest teen customers desire a more mature, but not aged, look.”

Sofie Grey delivers on that desire. Beautifully.

Monday – Sunday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
8415 Plaza Center Drive